Dear Employer.

Thanks for your visit to my site.

My name is Andrei Slusari and I'm a graduate of Saint Petersburg State University.

I have an intensive experience in web and blockchain development.

- PHP / Laravel, Wordpress, CI

- / core, mvc

- Database / mysql, mssql, postgresql, mongodb

- Javascript / React, Vue, Angular, jQuery

- Ethereum / DApps, Defi, Solidity, Solana

- Indicator / Amibroker, ThinkorSwim, Tradingview

If you are looking for a motivated, passionated, and kind personality developer, I am the right person.

I ensure you get the best results through my solutions.

Thank you.

Andrei Slusari.

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My Work

Implementation of a video tour 360 from image. I tried to improve upon what I thought could have been implemented better.

Logo maker with some icons and templates. PHP/Laravel is used to build it.

Page builder website. There are a lot of templates to use for free. I spent a lot of time improving it perfectly. It makes me really proud.

Search the business ranking in Google Maps. Written using Laravel/jQuery.

Video Editor in Web. I consider it to be one of the best sites out there.

Site for lenders in Woocommerce. React.js/Next.js is used to build it.